The end of a marriage may be accompanied by turmoil, both legally and emotionally, but you can ask a divorce attorney to supply a clear-eyed perspective regarding what’s happening. Attorney Jessie Rawlings provides the local representation clients want in the Pittsburgh area, and you’ll find that our practice has very reasonable rates.

Attorney Jessie Rawlings takes meetings five days a week and has flexible availability. She can address many issues that may arise from a divorce, including questions about the support and custody of your children. When you leave our practice, you can expect to have a better understanding of your rights and how to protect your interests.

When clients want personal attention for their cases, they often choose to work with Attorney Jessie Rawlings. Our practice is conveniently located in Pittsburgh, PA, and you can initially consult with us for up to one hour. Even if both sides are inclined to resolve issues amicably, having a divorce attorney may be beneficial, so call our law firm today and tell us where things stand.


In Pennsylvania, marital property is divided by equitable distribution, meaning that the judge has discretion to decide what is fair under the circumstances. The process begins with a determination of what property is marital or separate. Generally, property brought into the marriage is considered separate, but it can change its character if marital funds are used to improve it, such as a home that’s been substantially remodeled. The growth in value of a premarital asset can also be considered marital property in Pennsylvania. Inheritances are considered separate property, but if the funds are commingled with marital funds, a court could determine the money has become marital property. If you brought a business into the marriage, and your spouse worked at your business, it might not be so easy to get out of your marriage with your business intact. One of the reasons Jessie is known as the best family law attorney is her ability to spot and analyze every issue in your case and develop a solid plan.



The laws governing divorce in Pennsylvania apply equally to LBGTQ marriages, with the same rights and obligations. Domestic partnerships may be terminated by filing with the Secretary of State, the county clerk, or the courts in Pennsylvania. Divorce laws do not apply directly to domestic partnerships, but the courts will use similar criteria to divide property, order spousal support, develop parenting plans, order child support, etc. High net worth divorces and divorces involving small businesses can be complicated, especially if the non-owner has added substantial value to the enterprise during the marriage. With a great deal to gain and much to lose, high net worth divorces and those involving businesses tend to be contentious and drawn out. That’s when it’s crucial to hire a Pittsburgh high net worth divorce attorney that has experience with this type of case.


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