Direct and Deliberate Family Law Representation

Family law disputes can turn your life upside down and can spiral out of control. That’s why you need to hire the best family law attorney in Pittsburgh to protect your interests. What sets Jessie apart is her compassion for your situation and the effort she puts into helping you achieve a settlement that works best for your family. Jessie always goes the extra mile to find the most peaceful way to settle any family law issue, but knows that sometimes litigation is the best strategy against unreasonable adversaries. Her compassion and dedication will help you feel supported throughout the process because you’ll always know that she’s got your back.


Jessie D. Rawlings is the leading Pittsburgh family law attorney because of her track record for successfully resolving even the most complex divorce, child custody, adoption, and domestic violence issues. Her laser sharp focus, experience, and intuition helps her zero in on customized solutions for every client that walks through her door. If your family is in crisis, you can trust Jessie D. Rawlings to develop a legal strategy and employ it successfully. She has built her reputation as the best family law attorney in Pittsburgh by providing outstanding legal representation to clients for over ten years.


Jessie has experience handling a wide range of family law matters in Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania. Her effective strategies have helped families resolve even the most complex issues in the following areas:

  • Divorce
  • Domestic Partnerships
  • Child Custody
  • Domestic Abuse
  • LBGTQ Divorce
  • Parental Alienation
  • Orders of Protection
  • Child Support
  • Paternity Disputes
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
  • Adoption

Jessie has the experience you need to get even the most complex, complicated, and contentious disputes resolved. You can trust her to handle your family’s future because she knows how to protect your interests. Her continuous compassion and empathy towards her clients empowers you to remain confident throughout the process.


What makes Jessie the best family attorney in Pittsburgh is her ability to recognize and utilize the right legal strategy for each particular matter. For most divorces, negotiation is the correct starting point, but experienced divorce lawyers know when it’s reached a dead end. If your spouse isn’t willing to consider a settlement offer that reflects what you’re entitled to, spending time and money talking to their counsel is futile. There are many reasons why negotiations fail, including a stubborn spouse’s deluded belief that you’ll throw up your hands and accept a poor settlement just to get it over with. In other cases, a spouse just can’t accept that a divorce will likely reduce both spouses’ lifestyle, clinging desperately to their fantasy that they’ll get it all. Sadly, some spouses simply refuse to settle out of spite. When negotiations break down, it’s often helpful to bring in a mediator to explain to both spouses what they would be entitled to if the case went to trial and propose a fair settlement. It’s sometimes necessary to do more than one round of mediation, but at some point it becomes throwing good money after bad. That’s when Jessie will recommend aggressive litigation that gets the case before a judge who can put pressure on a stubborn spouse to agree to a reasonable settlement. Knowing when to negotiate, mediate, and litigate is art, and Jessie is a master at making this call.


There are few worse things than leaving multiple voicemails for your attorney about your stressful family law issue and not having your call returned. Jessie understands being responsive and communicative is a must due to the tremendous impact that family law matters have on a client’s life.  That’s why Jessie always gives clients a detailed report after speaking with opposing counsel or attending a judicial conference. Not only is this common courtesy, but the success of the case often depends on this detailed communication because it’s the client that can provide the background facts that round out the case. That’s why Jessie employs a tech savvy approach to case management that enables clients to quickly and easily access all the information about their matter. When case information is well organized, it promotes a relaxed atmosphere and increased ability to strategize and move cases forward.


When you meet with Jessie for your initial consultation, you’ll walk out with a thorough understanding of what you’re entitled to under the law. Jessie’s creative focus on results can help you achieve your goals for your case even if the law isn’t completely on your side. For example, stay at home parents that have given up their careers are often shocked to discover that they may not get long term alimony.  Today, both parents are expected to work even if they have small children and lower earning spouses are expected to do everything possible to increase their income. In such cases, it’s important to ensure that the stay-at-home parent receives alimony for as long as possible, money for child care, and funds to go back to school to increase their future income. Stay at home parents are also more likely to be allowed to stay in the family home with the children in the interest of stability. There are few issues more stressful than child custody disputes, and Jessie knows that helping a client manage their stress is part of the recipe for a successful resolution of their custody case.


Whether you’re simply considering divorce or have already been served with legal papers, it’s never helpful to delay getting legal advice. If your spouse, your child’s other parent, your fiance, or anybody else asks you to sign on the dotted line without speaking to any attorney – don’t do it. When somebody says “let’s keep the lawyers out of it,” rest assured that they HAVE spoken to an attorney and weren’t happy about what they’re entitled to, so they’re trying to trick you into giving them more. Jessie knows how stressful it is to call an attorney about a family law matter and does everything possible to put you at ease.